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Taking on the World, One Book at a Time

Stories have a place. Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad roamed across the Adriatic. The Nautilus of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea took its passengers across the world. Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer traipsed around a mythical town along the Mississippi. Explore the books and journeys.

Welcome to a new project. MappingAdventure is a site about books and maps. Place plays an important role in every story. It sets a mood, it links the story in time and it offers us a chance to learn more about the world around us. Over the coming months, MappingAdventure will expand not only your literary horizons but also will allow you to share your adventures with others. Through modern fiction, historical fiction and non-fiction titles, we will explore the world, read more and have fun doing it.

If you have ideas or are reading a book that you think would be interesting to include (and which book is not?) drop me a note. For now I can help you add it to this collection of adventures. Or you can wait a few weeks when I add the ability to add your own adventures through an easy-to-use interface. I’m not content in knowing what page you are on. I want you to be able to share where you are in your reading adventure.

I hope you share this journey with me and share it with others as well.

Recent Adventures

The Travels of Friar Odoric

Friar Odoric was a 14th century traveler. Born in Italy between 1265 and 1285, he left on his voyage to the Far East from Venice between 1315 and 1318 about 20 years after Marco Polo returned from his Far East journey. The colored dots represent locations that Odoric...

The meandering tale of Candide

Written in 1759 by French author and philosopher Voltaire, Candide is a meandering satirical tale that crosses the world of geography as well as ideas. [wpgmza id="2"]

Voyage of the Beagle

Voyage of the Beagle, refers to the second survey expedition of the HMS Beagle. Charles Darwin penned this book detailing his explorations during the five-year voyage. [wpgmza id="4"]